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EMMEDICIOTTO 14 Shampoo for Colored Hair

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Product description

EMMEDICIOTTO 14 Shampoo for Colored Hair, a premium hair care product that is part of a comprehensive line of skin and hair care solutions. Our range includes shampoo, conditioner, and masks, each formulated to cater to specific hair care needs.

Our shampoo is specially designed to fix the color of your hair with a pH level of 4. Infused with wheat proteins and the latest generation of solar filters, it provides a gentle yet effective cleansing experience that helps to prolong the vibrancy and shine of your hair color. With regular use, our shampoo ensures that your hair color lasts longer and looks more radiant than ever before.

In addition to its color-fixing properties, our shampoo also boasts a delightful fragrance that will leave your hair smelling fresh and invigorating. Experience the joy of healthy, vibrant, and beautifully colored hair with EMMEDICIOTTO 14 Shampoo for Colored Hair.

How to use?

How to Use Emmediciotto 14 Shampoo for Colored Hair:

Emmediciotto 14 Shampoo is a popular choice among individuals with colored hair who want to maintain their hair's vibrancy and health. However, many users may wonder about the proper way to use this product to achieve the best results.

  1. Wet Your Hair: Before applying the shampoo, make sure your hair is completely wet. You can either wash your hair with warm water or dampen it with a spray bottle filled with water. Wetting your hair helps the shampoo to spread evenly and clean your hair effectively.
  2. Apply the Shampoo: Once your hair is wet, take a small amount of Emmediciotto 14 Shampoo and apply it to your hair. Start at the roots and work your way down to the ends. Be sure to cover all areas of your hair, including the undersides and back of your head.
  3. Gently Massage: After applying the shampoo, use your fingertips to gently massage your scalp. Work in circular motions, focusing on areas where you tend to get oil buildup or dandruff. This step helps to remove any impurities and stimulates blood flow to promote healthy hair growth.
  4. Repeat the Process: For optimal results, repeat the shampooing process. Apply another small amount of Emmediciotto 14 Shampoo to your hair and massage your scalp once again. This second application ensures that your hair is thoroughly clean and free of any remaining impurities.
  5. Rinse Thoroughly: After the second shampoo application, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Make sure to rinse out all traces of the shampoo from your hair. You can also use a conditioner after shampooing to keep your hair soft and manageable.

Tips and Tricks:

  • To enhance the color protection of your hair, consider using a color-protecting conditioner after shampooing.
  • Avoid using hot water when rinsing your hair, as it can strip your hair of its natural oils and cause damage.
  • For best results, use Emmediciotto 14 Shampoo twice a week, or as needed depending on your hair type and activity level.
  • Consider pairing Emmediciotto 14 Shampoo with other hair care products specifically designed for colored hair, such as a color-depositing conditioner or a color-locking spray.
Benefits of product?

Benefits of Emmediciotto 14 Shampoo for colored hair:

  1. pH 4 formula: The shampoo has a pH level of 4, which is close to the natural pH of the hair, helping to maintain the color and vibrancy of the hair.
  2. Wheat proteins: The shampoo contains wheat proteins that help strengthen and nourish the hair, making it less prone to damage and breakage.
  3. Solar filters: The shampoo includes solar filters that help protect the hair from UV rays, which can cause color to fade and hair to become damaged.
  4. Gentle cleansing: The shampoo cleanses the hair gently, without stripping it of its natural oils, which helps to keep the hair healthy and strong.
  5. Long-lasting color: The combination of the pH 4 formula, wheat proteins, and solar filters helps to extend the life of the color, keeping it looking vibrant and fresh for longer.
  6. Shinier hair: The shampoo helps to give the hair a shiny and healthy appearance, making it look great and full of vitality.
  7. Pleasant fragrance: The shampoo has a pleasant fragrance that makes it enjoyable to use, adding an extra layer of pleasure to the hair care routine.
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