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CARELIKA-sivellin kasvonaamion levittämiseen

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Product description

CARELIKA-sivellin kasvonaamion levittämiseen auttaa levittämään tuotetta tasaisesti ja tarkasti ammattikosmetologina.

Kahva on valmistettu laadukkaasta, kestävästä muovista ja silikonilastalla.
Pese harja lämpimällä saippuavedellä käytön jälkeen ja anna sen kuivua.

Saatavana vihreänä ja valkoisena.

How to use?

How to use the Carelika Brush for Applying a Face Mask:

  1. Hold the handle of the brush.
  2. Use the white silicone tip to scoop out a dollop of face mask paste.
  3. Place the paste on your face.
  4. Use the silicone tip to spread the paste evenly all over your face.
  5. Wash the brush with soap and warm water after use and allow it to dry.

Some additional tips for using the Carelika Brush for Applying a Face Mask:

  • Use a small amount of face mask paste. You don't need a lot of paste to cover your entire face.
  • Spread the paste in thin layers. This will help the mask to dry evenly and prevent it from getting too thick.
  • Start at the center of your face and work your way outwards. This will help to ensure that the mask is evenly applied.
  • Pay attention to the areas around your eyes, nose, and mouth. These areas are more delicate and may need a lighter application of the mask.
  • Wash the brush thoroughly after each use. This will help to prevent the spread of bacteria.
Benefits of product?

Carelika Brush for Applying a Face Mask has many benefits, including:

  • Simplifies the application procedure: The brush makes it easy to apply face mask paste evenly and precisely, without having to use your fingers. This can be especially helpful for people with sensitive skin, as it can help to prevent the mask from getting into your eyes or mouth.
  • Makes the application less messy and cleaner: The brush helps to prevent the mask from getting on your hands or clothes, which can make the application process less messy. It also helps to keep the mask paste from getting all over your face, which can be helpful if you are using a thick or sticky mask.
  • Allows easy application of mask on the areas with slight angles like around the nose: The brush's angled tip makes it easy to apply mask paste to areas with slight angles, such as around the nose and eyes. This can be difficult to do with your fingers, as you may not be able to get the paste into all the nooks and crannies.
  • Helps in spreading the mask in an even layer: The brush's bristles help to spread the mask paste evenly across your face, which can help to ensure that you get the full benefits of the mask.
  • No wastage of product: The brush helps to prevent you from wasting product, as you can only apply as much paste as you need. This can save you money in the long run.

Overall, the Carelika Brush for Applying a Face Mask is a great way to simplify the application process and get the most out of your face masks. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to achieve professional-looking results at home.

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