What are the possibilities?

Unlimited possibilities to create long-lasting, medium-lasting color formulas that easily tint and color up to three levels.

The system offers individual formulas for coloring gray hair, as well as tinting options with 108 shades + 8 mix shades, which are easily viewed on the tablet's color chart.

How does LG CHI Color Master Work?

Only 12 recyclable bottles of color, replacing the countless packages normally required to create such high-volume hair color formulas. How to create a color formula for LG CHI Color Master?

It can be programmed manually using the touch tablet.

It can be entered directly from a tablet or smartphone. You can download the COLORMASTER app from the Google Play app store on your tablet or smartphone and then remotely send your formulas directly to the machine. Color formulas are identified by stylist or client name. When the formula is ready, the machine will inform you with a flashing machine indicator. A voice prompt and a touch-sensitive display will inform you when the container with paint needs to be removed.

Benefits of LG CHI Color Master

  • Environmentally friendly, reduces packaging waste in salons by 30%
  • Reduces paint residue from mixing mixtures
  • Ergonomic and modern design, material - stainless steel
  • Practical, quiet and easy to maintenance
  • Possibility to remotely send the necessary color formulas to the device
  • Built-in sensors and weights for the most accurate formula dosing

Even more benefits

With just a few clicks, any color combination can be measured, mixed and dispensed with precision and without any waste to bring your creative color work to life.

The design of the vial helps prevent color oxidation and each vial is clearly labeled to make changing them as easy as possible!

The LG CHI Color Master Factory saves time by dispensing color formulations in less than 2 minutes.

CHI Color Machine Factory Prices

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