Exotic Body Scrub by Carelika, 200ml

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Product description

Carelika's exotic body scrub is full of citrus fruit extracts that give you a refreshing and invigorating feeling. The grapefruit seed extract in its composition makes the scrub a gentle exfoliator, gently acting on the skin, cleaning it of dead cells. The fresh citrus aroma will improve your mood and give you energy.

Full of vitamin C, grapefruit seed extract clears skin of breakouts, blemishes and pigmentation, gently unclogs clogged pores so skin can breathe, and this extract leaves a refreshing sensation. Sea salts cleanse the skin of impurities, while seaweed osmolyte restores moisture levels in every cell, preventing water loss. The scrub moisturizes the skin completely, making the skin soft and supple, as well as giving it a glow. Mandarin oil and vegetable glycerin protect the skin from dryness and improve the skin's natural moisture. 

Use the scrub now and enjoy the ultimate SPA feeling at home, leaving your skin smooth, hydrated and glowing with all the benefits of natural ingredients.

What does it do?
    • Gently cleanses, intensively moisturizes and restores the skin barrier
    • Helps to remove tan from the body
    • Gives the body a refreshing aroma and feel
    • Maintains moisture balance and keeps your skin soft and silky
    • Deeply absorbed, detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin, leaving it glowing and shiny.

How to use?

Incorporate this scrub into your weekly beauty routine, aiming for usage once or twice a week. Follow these steps for optimal results:

  • Apply the scrub to dry areas of the body or to the entire body.
  • Thoroughly massage the scrub using circular motions.
  • Enhance absorption of oils and other ingredients by using a warm, damp towel.
  • Complete the process by rinsing with water.
Benefits of product?

Benefits of Carelika's Exotic Body Scrub:

  1. Refreshing Experience: Infused with citrus fruit extracts, it offers an invigorating and refreshing sensation.
  2. Gentle Exfoliation: The grapefruit seed extract acts as a mild exfoliator, effectively removing dead skin cells without being harsh.
  3. Mood Enhancer: The fresh citrus aroma uplifts your mood and energizes you.
  4. Skin Clarity: Rich in vitamin C, the scrub helps clear the skin of breakouts, blemishes, and pigmentation.
  5. Pore Cleansing: Gently unclogs pores, allowing the skin to breathe freely.
  6. Deep Cleansing: Sea salts effectively cleanse the skin of impurities.
  7. Optimal Hydration: Seaweed osmolyte ensures moisture retention at the cellular level, preventing dehydration.
  8. Soft & Supple Skin: Intensively moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and glowing.
  9. Natural Moisture Boost: Mandarin oil and vegetable glycerin enhance the skin's natural moisture, protecting it from dryness.
  10. Home SPA Experience: Offers a luxurious SPA-like feeling at home, ensuring smooth, hydrated, and radiant skin.
  11. Tan Removal: Assists in removing tan, revealing a more even skin tone.
  12. Detoxification: Deeply detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin, imparting a radiant shine.

Key Ingredients and Their Benefits:

  • Marine Salts: Provide deep cleansing, removing impurities and exfoliating the skin.
  • Brown Seaweed Osmolytes: Restore moisture levels in skin cells, ensuring optimal hydration.
  • Grapefruit Seeds Extract: Acts as a gentle exfoliator and is rich in vitamin C, promoting clearer skin.
  • Essential Mandarin Oil: Enhances skin moisture and offers a refreshing aroma.
  • Plant Glycerin: A natural humectant, it attracts moisture to the skin, ensuring long-lasting hydration.

Carelika's Exotic Body Scrub offers a comprehensive skincare experience, ensuring that your skin is not only deeply cleansed but also moisturized, rejuvenated, and protected.

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