10 Simple Skincare Basics for you!

10 Simple Skincare Basics for you!

Aug 19, 2022

How to build a skincare routine?

Your skin deserves tender care as unique as you are. Healthy skin is a reflection of good health, but having healthy skin is not an overnight job!

We all know that a healthy body needs a regular healthy diet and exercise. The same is with your skin. Having healthy glowing and flawless skin is not a miracle, you need to pamper your skin with a regular skincare routine.

Skincare basics involve simple steps that when done routinely can help maintain the beauty of your skin. Here are some simple tips for a skincare routine.

  1. Cleansers:

The outermost layer of your skin forms a protective barrier from the dirt, pollution, and even some harmful pathogens that try to enter inside the skin. Hence, keeping the skin clean becomes a topmost priority on daily basis irrespective of age. Water alone may not be sufficient to remove everything that clings to your skin and cleansers thus come to your rescue. Cleansing the face twice daily with a suitable type of cleanser that removes oil, dirt, bacteria, and pollutants from the skin surface is the best approach. You may choose from cleansing milk, lotion, foam, and toners to cleanse your skin.

Seek professional help to understand your skin type and get a cleanser that suits your skin type, whether dry, normal, or oily.

  1. Toner:

You may add a toner to your skincare basics just after you cleanse it. A toner helps in maintaining your skin tone by keeping an optimum pH. It avoids excessive drying and helps in minimizing the pores in acne-prone skin. It thus avoids further outbreaks.

  1. Exfoliators/Scrubs:

Dead skin cells often keep adhering to your skin adding to a dull appearance. Exfoliation is thus an important step to getting rid of dead cells. Either manual exfoliation or chemical exfoliation removes dead skin cells giving you a rejuvenated look.

Are you not sure which exfoliation technique to use?

Remember that acne-prone skin will need a chemical exfoliator containing salicylic acid to prevent further acne breakouts. Scrubbing the skin with polymeric microspheres may also benefit in removing the stubborn dirt accumulated on the skin.

Recent research has proved that use of safe ultrasound waves removes dirt and debris effectively. The technique makes use of elastic properties of our skin and uses very an optimal amplitude and frequency range of ultrasound waves. It is a new scientific approach based on Mechanobiology. Ultrasonic scrubbers induce tiny physical forces that trigger cell differentiation and renewal, resulting in an improved texture.

Talk to professional experts before you choose an exfoliation regimen for your skin.

  1. Serums:

After you cleanse and before you moisturize the skin, apply a serum on the face. Serums contain ingredients closer to your skin composition and can be used for antiaging effects, to lessen those fine lines, and protect from pigmentation. They are light and spread easily on the face making it glow. However, they cannot moisturize adequately or give you sun protection. Rich in vitamins C and E, you may choose from a variety of serums.

  1. Moisturizers:

Did you know that your skin contains a mixture of water-soluble liquids in its outer layers that naturally moisturize it? Any loss of these natural components due to weather or health conditions makes your skin dry. Hence moisturizing your skin with a good moisturizer is an essential part of skincare basics. Moisturizers will prevent the loss of epidermal water through the skin and thus help to keep your skin moisturized. Make skin moisturizing a ritual and apply it on your face and neck twice daily for best results.

  1. Sunscreens:

Stepping out of the house? Do not forget to put on sunscreen. Harmful ultraviolet radiations from the sun cause damage, darken the skin and accelerate aging. Nobody wants to look older than the actual age. Sunscreens help in keeping away harmful sun rays. They protect your skin while you are enjoying yourself at the beach, busy on a yacht, or are into a daily swimming routine. Choose sunscreen wisely, some may moisturize your skin as they protect it while the greasy ones may clog your pores. Ask a professional expert for a sunscreen with the correct SPF (Sun Protective Factor) that suits you and never forget to have one on your face even during winter.

  1. Face oils:

Plant-based oils have emollient, antioxidant, and skin-repair properties. They help restore the skin’s natural appearance by overcoming skin dryness. Argan oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, along with vitamin E can work wonders on your skin. If you have dry skin, try using face oil in your skincare routine.

  1. Face masks:

Face masks are a combination of different ingredients that cleanse your skin, make it soft, restore moisture, and help in improving your blood circulation. They are skin rejuvenators. They are available as sheet masks, peel-off masks, rinse-off masks, and hydrogels. Depending on your skin type you may choose from the different types of masks that are available.

  1. Under eye and lip care:

Dark circles, wrinkles, and pigmentation often snatch away the beauty of your eyes. You may use eye creams to refresh your looks and reduce the wrinkles surrounding your eyes. Regular application of eye cream and eye patches can rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.

Your lips too require same amount of love and care! Keep them healthy and moisturized.

  1. Skin treatments:

In addition to your skincare routine, sometimes, certain medical conditions that involve your skin may require skin treatments. These involve several treatment options such as chemical peeling for acne and special procedures for rosacea. Using peels and masks that oxygenate your skin, improve collagen, improve blood circulation and help in the regeneration of skin cells biologically are also a part of skin treatments.

The products for skin treatments need to be approved by FDA and dermatologists and proven to be safe. Consult your skin care specialist and undergo the suggested skin treatment regimen for your specific skin problem.

So next time when you think about good health, don’t forget to consider your skin as an important part of your health and get working on it. Learn more about skincare basics and adapt them to follow a routine that makes its way towards healthy glowing skin.

Stay tuned to know more about energizing your facial skin. Radiance is on the way!

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