How to slow aging?

How to slow aging?

Sep 08, 2022

Are you also on the team of those with thin lines, dark spots on the skin with greying hair at an early age around 35 years? Then you need to watch it! You may be having premature aging. Although it is natural to age after a certain time, having these signs prematurely dampens your spirits. 

Natural aging is a process that is beyond your control. It exists in your genes and will happen as time passes. This is an intrinsic aging process. However, sometimes, skin starts aging before time and several factors may trigger premature aging. The dermatologists refer to this as extrinsic aging. Although you cannot do much about natural aging, you may modify some factors that result in premature aging. Let us try to know more about the factors that cause the skin to age prematurely and see some anti-aging tips that help you know more about how to get younger-looking skin. 

Environmental factors such as pollution, sunrays and unhealthy choices of food, skin products and overall routine may adversely affect your skin. You may consult skincare professionals and dermatology experts to learn how to keep skin looking young. Here are some anti-aging tips: 

How to deal with photoaging? 

Sunrays are the number one skin spoilers. No matter how much duration you step out in the sun, protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiations from the sun. Use an umbrella, seek shade, and wear full sleeves cotton lightweight clothes and a hat to keep away the sun's rays. Moreover, you must apply sunscreen with a higher sun protective factor (SPF) to avoid the effect of UV rays on your skin. 

The UV radiations from the sun damage your skin to its core DNA level, they also oxidise skin proteins which is a hallmark of photoaging. Sunscreens can help your skin through their photoprotective properties. They protect from skin cancers and premature skin aging. 

How do you deal with pollution-affected skin? 
It is your skin that takes up the pollution heads on. Recent studies have shown that airborne particulate matter has been associated with the development of dark spots and wrinkles. Polluted air is the activator of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that in turn is a trigger for premature aging. 

If you have lost that glow or see dark spots, treat your skin with a daily gentle cleansing ritual. Use a cleanser to remove the dead cell debris and nourish your skin. With the help of professionals, choose from a variety of cleansing milk, serum-based cleansers, or lotions to keep your skin young and fresh. 
How to fight dryness due to skin aging? 
Don’t ever leave your skin dry. Aging brings with it dry itchy dull skin. It is necessary to moisturize, rejuvenate and refresh your skin. Try using oil-based moisturizers that help your skin regain its young look. 
How to get younger-looking skin? 
Sunrays damage your skin. Skin loses its glow. Know the skin aging secrets and learn from professionals about how to keep skin looking young. Here are the most effective tips. 

  • Rejuvenate with an ultrasonic cleanser: Cleansing the skin is a challenge as it requires a delicate balance between removing excess sebum and maintaining an intact stratum corneum barrier. Recent research has proved that ultrasonic cleansers remove dirt and debris effectively. The technique makes use of the elastic properties of our skin and uses an optimal amplitude and frequency range of ultrasound waves. It is a new scientific approach based on Mechanobiology. Ultrasonic waves induce tiny physical forces that influence changes in cells or tissues that trigger cell differentiation and renewal, resulting in an improved texture. 
  • Relax with skin masks: The overnight masks stay enough on your damaged skin to rejuvenate it and give you back the lost glow. 
  • Quit smoking: Do you smoke? Quit it right today. Smoking may enhance premature aging by abnormal production of certain enzymes that damage the skin collagen, and reactive oxidation species that damage the skin. 
  • Nourish your skin from the inside: Eat healthy food. Avoid junk and fried products. Cut down on soda. Have fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat enough protein and stay hydrated. The skin makes new collagen when you sleep, thus preventing premature aging. So, a 7-8 hours good night’s sleep is a must to repair your skin from within! 
  • Use skin serum: Nourish your skin by using a good skin serum. Use serums loaded with skin-loving ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin C, seaweed extracts, and bioactive peptides called Matrikines. Vitamins counteract oxidative damage and peptides significantly improve skin health by increasing collagen synthesis and building the elasticity of the skin. The rejuvenating effect of cosmeceuticals improves skin elasticity and slows down wrinkle development. Oxygenate and enhance cell renewal in the skin to make it appear younger. 
  • Try lymphatic massage using a cosmetic roller: Facial massage using a cosmetic roller is a very effective alternative to fillers and Botox. Try it out! It is non-invasive. A clinical study has proved that mechanical stimulation increases the local blood flow and vascular dilatation. Therefore, it helps better absorption of cosmeceuticals, boosting sagging skin, and detoxifying the body. 

Can facial movements initiate wrinkles? 
Yes! There is scientific evidence showing that your repetitive facial expressions such as smiling or frowning may eventually cause wrinkles to develop on your face. Avoid repetitive facial expressions. Consult a professional and use wrinkle-smoothening formulations to keep away premature wrinkles. 
Does makeup age your skin? 
Your makeup ingredients may not age your skin. This is a myth! But not cleansing your skin to remove the makeup before sleep, may clog your pores. This may be damaging to the collagen in the skin. Moreover, they may result in acne outbreaks. Wash your face twice daily with water, and have a cleansing routine to remove the makeup and pollutants debris off your face. As suggested earlier, go for ultrasonic scrubbers followed by a nourishing toner. 
Some important tips to slow down premature aging: 
Grey hair, thin facial lines, wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentation, extreme dryness in the skin, and loss of skin tone are harbingers of skin aging. If they appear before you start getting old then these are the signs your body is aging faster than you are. 

These tips might help: 

  • Avoid exposure to harmful sun rays. 
  • Relax! Stay away from stress and pollution. 
  • Quit alcohol and smoking. 
  • Follow a skincare routine that involves washing your face, cleansing, moisturizing, and pampering it with masks. 
  • Shop for products for your age fixing a shopping list that includes serums, masks, and creams that nourish and rejuvenate the skin. 
  • Eat healthy food and exercise daily. 

Do not let premature aging slow down your life or dampen your youthfulness. Learn the skin aging secrets and see professional help. Just watch for the red flags and learn how to get younger-looking skin! 


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