What Does Toner Do?

What does toner do?

Sep 07, 2022

What does toner do?

You must have seen attractive bottles filled with clear or tinted waters in cosmetic stores or online – they are facial toners.

You must be wondering what they are. Why use a face toner? what does face toner do? Do I need to use a facial toner? Is it good for my skin? Who should use face toner?

We understand all your worries and here is the complete guide to facial toners you need to know.

Let us first understand what is the toner for skin.

Toner is an aqueous (water-based) liquid that contains several skin nourishing and skin soothing ingredients. Toners are very dilute solutions but potent in their action of balancing the skin properties. Therefore, the toner is always used on freshly cleansed skin before applying any makeup. Different types of toners are available based on your skin type.

In general, toners are well tolerated by all skin types, even if your skin is sensitive. So we can say that facial toner is one of the hidden gems of our skincare regime!

Let us now learn more about what does toner do to your face.

Traditionally toners were made to have only astringent properties and were marketed as astringent. These toners were contracting skin pores thus reducing the oiliness of the skin. Astringents were primarily alcohol-based and best suited for oily skin. Earlier, toners were also made to balance out the pH of the skin that gets disturbed after the use of alkaline bath soaps. However, today’s facial toners are multifunctional and go beyond the basic role. They serve several purposes and offer enormous benefits that your skin would love to have. They target a wide range of skin problems from acne to aging to dryness.

Lets us understand the benefits of toner in detail.

  • Remove excess oil and stubborn dust: Toners remove extra skin oil without making it dry. So you will not have greasy skin after the application of toner. It also removes any impurities and germs that may be there thus giving you a complete clean feel. But remember, toner and cleanser are different! Toner replaces the moisture that your cleanser might have taken off.
  • Hydrates skin: Powerful hydrating agents like glycerin or hyaluronic acid, replenish the natural skin moisture thus making it soft and supple. Once the skin is hydrated, it feels less irritated. As the toner replenishes the moisture that your cleanser might have taken off, the skin becomes ready to receive moisturizer in a better way.
  • Skin soother: The natural ingredients in the toner like Fucogel, make your skin unbelievably soft, tender, and silky. Toner modifies the sensory properties and provides a comfortable feeling. Hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate-based toners provide an outstanding tactile experience and skin revival immediately after application. Apart from its excellent hydration capacity for perfectly moisturized skin, it improves skin smoothness, elasticity, and freshness.
  • Anti-sebum activity: Overproduction of sebum is the main cause of several dermatological problems. Therefore, nowadays, toners are infused with herbal extracts that reduce skin secretions and reduce the oiliness of the skin. Clinical studies have proved this!
  • Antioxidant benefits: The safe and effective herbal extracts in toners also offer antioxidant properties. As we know the skin is exposed to several damaging factors like UV radiation, pollution, and environmental chemicals that cause oxidative damage resulting in premature aging. The antioxidants in toners help protect your skin reducing aging and helping your skin look younger. The recent advances in the toner is use of red seaweed extract like Mastocarpous extract. It is rich in antioxidants and also simulates natural defenses and fights against dehydration.
  • Antibacterial and exfoliating: Toners that are specially designed for oily skin, contain antibacterial and exfoliating agents. They remove the dead skin, and kill the pathogenic acne-causing bacteria and thereby reducing further breakouts. The best examples of such ingredients are witch hazel extract and salicylic acid.
  • Acts as makeup base: Toners balance several skin properties like hydration, pH, and oiliness, and therefore, the makeup applied, later on, stays for a longer time. Isn’t that the best benefit that you are desiring?

If you are wondering how to use a skin toner? Or when do I use it, continue reading.

Hey, using a toner is very simple. Toner should be applied after washing your face but before applying your serum or moisturizer. Simply follow the following steps.

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.
  2. Take a few drops of toner on a saturated cotton pad or a cotton ball.
  3. Dab it on your facial skin and neck or swipe it gently. Do not rub the skin!
  4. Allow it to dry naturally.

If you do not want to use a cotton pad, just take a few drops of toner on your palm and spread it onto your face.

If the toner is available as a spray, then it’s very quick. Close your eyes, press the actuator of the spray bottle, and generate a gentle mist over your face. This reduces waste and is very convenient too.

It is usually recommended to use the toner at least twice a day after cleansing your face. If you have sensitive skin or if the toner is making your skin dry, use it once a day before the application of any makeup.

For the best benefits, always store your face toner in the fridge and use it chilled. It will also protect the sensitive ingredients in the formula and increase the shelf life of the toner to get maximum benefits.

Now, you may wonder, whether the toner is working on your skin or not. It is very simple to identify. If your skin feels smoother and plumper, the selected toner is working! You will also notice that your skin starts glowing as it becomes completely clean after the removal of extra oil, stubborn dust, and residues of make-up. Once you start using it regularly, the pore size will shrink and sebum secretion will reduce.

You may still have one question who should use face toner? or do I need skin toner?
The answer is YES! Really everyone needs a skin toner. Now you know what is toner for the skin, and after learning the several benefits and understanding what does toner do to your face, use the face toner regularly.

Make it a habit! For healthy and radiant skin, use toner as routine skin care. Remember, it is the second step in your beauty ritual.

The most important is to choose something that’s right for your skin type. Read the label of the toner and make sure that it does not contain harmful ingredients like parabens or alcohol. Prefer toners with natural ingredients like red seaweed extract, natural glycerin, or white lotus extract. Plant-derived ingredients are safe and offer a wide spectrum of benefits.

What are you waiting for? Pamper your skin with the toner to keep it fresh, hydrated, and young.


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